About Me

Neuroscientist. Sometimes.

For most of the day, I am a scientist working on my PhD at Georgia Tech, I am interested in learning more about the nervous system and the interactions it has with cancer. Most of my research so far has involved learning about the various ion channels present in muscle spindles.

But occasionally, I am a UX designer with a desire to find creative solutions to various inconveniences in life.

Art. Technology.

Although I went to college for neuroscience, I have always loved art and how it can be combined with technology to create amazing things, especially to help others.
I have been doing art since I could pick up pencil, and since then have experimented with different mediums.


Some of the things that I love to do include: rewatching Grey's Anatomy for the 100th time, organizing my abnormally large pen and marker collection, clearing out any nearby claw machines, and helping out my high school VEX robotics team with their engineering notebook!


I try to travel as much as possible, because I love learning more about other cultures and languages. My favorite thing to do when I go somewhere new is trying the local food and sugary drinks. Out of the places that I have been to my favorites are Osaka, Japan; Jeju Island, Korea; Chicago, IL; O‘ahu, HI!

Professional Caffeine Lover.

November 2000 - Present

I've loved drinking caffeine since I was a very little child, it might explain my short stature, but it certainly explains my energy. These days, I love drinking cold brew (with oat milk and a tiny bit of sugar) and Earl Grey black tea.