Sebbi's Art

Artist. Sticker Maker.

Loves: oil and acrylic paintings, alcohol based markers, crocheting, polymer clay, and making stickers with vinyl
Hates: Watercolor with a burning passion


Random cute things
2021 - Present

I started crocheting after watching my roommate make the cutest octopus, and I really wanted to make a tiny stuffed bee that was going viral on Instagram and Tik-Tok, but I didn't have the confidence to ask her to make me one or teach me how to make one (even though she totally would have done either one for me). I watched a short Youtube video and I'd like to think that I was able to pick it up very quickly.

Artisan Keycaps.

All for fun!
July 2022 - Current

Randomly after coming across adorable artisan keycaps on Instagram, I boldly assumed that I could totally make those and not spend $50-$60 each for them. After some trial and error, I was able to create some very cute pieces, and am always looking for new ideas!

Procreate Doodles.

Random Pieces
2019 - Present

I create drawings on Procreate from time to time, and varies in subject matter. Some of the subjects in these pieces have been turned into stickers.

AP Portfolio.

24 Individual Pieces
Completed 2018 - 2019

Completed 24 pieces for the AP 2D Visual Arts portfolio, which was completed alongside a teaching assistant internship under Dr. Phillips, the head of visual arts at GSMST. The concentration of this portfolio involved foods and mixing them with child-ish thoughts based on events from my own childhood. The piece seen on the left is the piece that won the region Gold Key at the Scholastic Art Competition, and was included in the portfolio.


Won a Gold Key at the regional level for the Scholastic Art Competition (2019) for the piece Sushi Alone

Won the Design Award at the Georgia State VEX Compeititon (2019), which was an overall team award, was based on engineering logbooks and overall design presentation.