Sebbi's Pets

Animal Lover. Feeder. Walker.

An animal lover, who despite her allergies to her pets and the outdoors, cuddles them everyday and lets them walk all over her.


The Alpha
July 5th, 2013 - Present

Hani is a little, white maltese with the might of a very large dog. She fears no one and loves dad more than anyone else. Her favorite treat resemble sausages and enjoys chicken from time to time. She used to bully her brother Max, and now spends her time bullying Haru's toys instead.


The Greeter
2018 - Present

Haru is an average sized, gray cat that loves to eat snacks and play with water. He fears sneezes and the mail truck. He loves to greet people at the door, and meows hello for attention. Haru was found in the back alley between buildings, and was found abandoned at 5 weeks old. His favorite food is romaine lettuce and will only eat it if you hold it.

Veggie Eater.

Haru is on Youtube Now!

I found it very strange that my cat likes to eat vegetables, so I documented his very strange behaviors on to Youtube!