Sebbi Lee

Neuroscientist. Student. Artist.

Hello there! I'm Sebbi, I'm a graduate student from Georgia Tech, and I got B.S. in Neuroscience! I love combining art with my love of research, but am always looking to try to fix everyday inconveniences!

Even though I'm currently in graduate school for Applied Physiology, I'm still looking to persue a career path where I can combine all of my favorite things: research, technology, and design.
But on the side, I have always been motivated by a desire to increase accessibility of technology for those with disabilities, as many family members of mine suffer from varying levels of permanent disabilities. Although not as permenant, I have been suffering from an overuse injury in my wrist which has caused a decreases in the range of motion, and has it has made the simplest tasks, like opening my water bottle difficult.
And like many people, I suffer from astigmatism, and after some research, I realized was related to why I have a hard time reading using dark mode for long periods of time! -- since then, I have been looking for an alternative to dark mode that don't tire my eyes out.


Graduate Student
August 2023 - Current

I returned to the same lab that I worked in the previous years in order to continue projects, such as the nanogel-related project, which was recently submitted to Science for review. And have begun various projects involving neuro-cancer interaction.
Despite my 'day job', I spend my freetime working on some more creative projects. Currently, I am taking a break from the lab in order to explore the world and spend time with my dad (who was diagnosed with kidney cancer), as well as, persue a more creative outlet for my love of research.

Recent Work.

Research Technician
June 2022 - May 2023

Following graduation from Georgia Tech, I continued my work on research with Dr. Travis Rotterman on muscle spindle regeneration in rodent models at the Cope Lab (located at Georgia Tech). I also worked on the potassium ion channel, Kv3.3, with Dr. Nick Housley, and studied the ion channel's role in synaptic firing, through siRNA treatments, as well as, visualization of protein expression through immunohistochemistry staining. And began a project involving the application of nanogels (also can be known as nanoparticles) in cancer treatments.
During this time, I was an author on a paper in the Journal of Experimental Physiology! Click here to see the paper!

Past Work.

Undergraduate Research Assistant
May 2021 - May 2022

Working on research regarding muscle spindle regeneration in rodent models at the Cope Lab (located at Georgia Tech), and reports directly to Dr. Travis Rotterman and Dr. Timothy Cope. My responsibilities include using a cyrostat to cut muscle, perform immunohistochemistry experiments to locate muscle spindles and the extent of axon regeneration, as well as, using a confocal microscope in order to image and analyze muscle spindles and the amount axon regeneration in the muscles.

I got into this research due to my fascination of the regeneration of the central nervous system, specifically the spinal cord.