Sebbi Lee

Personal Website. A Pandemic Project

My personal website was made with HTML and CSS, and is hosted on Github pages.

I started working on this website after my partner gifted me this domain and the idea, I was so done with the pandemic and needed a break in between my anatomy class and yet another neuroscience methods class. I always had an interest in learning more about user experiences and creating effective interfaces, and this project really let me learn more and insipred me to take a certification course.

Figma Design.

I was able to create a very basic design of what I wanted to achieve with my website and create connections between pages in order to see very generally what the finished product could look like. I honestly did not spend a lot of time for this project in trying every iteration in Figma before implementing on the website. This is because I was a lot more concerned about the execution of my ideas, as I only very generally understood HTML and CSS.